Milnes Family News – Christmas 2019

EASTER SUNDAY 2019: From left to right -Rachael, Michael, Delia, Heather, Josephine, Tamsin, Ben, Matthew, Sophie


We hope you have had a good year in 2019. Here are some of our photos from the year – hope you enjoy them.

Wishing you all the best for 2020

Heather x

Trip to London 12th April

We have started a little tradition of going to somewhere historic for our birthdays.

When it was Ben’s birthday he chose to go to the Tower of London. It was interesting but such a cold day!





Once again, February gave us some really cold weather and all this snow:

We still have sheep in the field behind our house and they DON’T look there best in the winter!


Our house in the snow – 1st April 2019









Picture of cottages in Cornwall. I painted this in March / April from a photo.

I have been doing a bit more painting. I still haven’t started creating complete originals and mostly copy the style of other painters . I must get braver next year.

I painted this abstact outside in the garden on August bank holiday Monday.








Matthew and Sophie continue to travel lots.In January they went to Iceland. But their really big news is the arrival of baby Callie on 15th September. She is mega cute and we all love her lots. She is not sick very often at all, despite what it says in the photo.

Matthew and Sophie in Iceland – Jan 2019

Martin and I are still slowly making progress along the Thames Path. We have now walked all the way from Windsor to Teddington Lock and cycled from Teddington Lock all the way to Waterloo. Just about 10 more miles until we get to the Thames barrier which, I believe, is officially the end of the Thames Path. We have lots of places we would like to go back to, one of which was Hampton Court which we did in fact, go back to for a day in September. Here we are are sitting in the seats of Henry VIII and one of his wives.


We still have our ginger moggie, Cinnamon. He definitely earns his keep as he is really friendly and very good company. It’s lovely to see him sitting at the window waiting for us to come home.

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Lots of love from Heather and Martin xx