Milnes Family News – Christmas 2018


April 2018: Back row – Martin, Matthew, Sophie, Ben: Front row – John, Rachael, Delia, Michael, Kathie, Heather

welcome to our 2018 xmas update.

Time seems to have flown past and I don’t feel like we have done as much this year (or maybe I just can’t remember it all). Anyway – here are a few photos showing what we have been up to.

Merry Christmas to all looking here!

Heather x


The year started with deep snow in
March – we ventured out for a walk around the village:

Heather and our house – 2nd March
Martin…it really is as cold as it looks


We also continued with our coastal walks.

Coastal walk – Devon in April

These ended in June when Ben moved from Exeter up to Windsor for a new job. We have now decided to start walking the Thames Path and have so far walked from Windsor all the way to Shepperton.
Ben is living in a flat which is part of a converted convent. It is really nice and still has something of the feel of the old convent. His new job involves creating online courses in Physics – he is really enjoying it.

Garden outside Ben’s flat

Matthew came up to help with Ben’s move. It was a warm day…the beginning of a long warm spell.

The Thames path



I started running again at the end of 2017 and in May ran the Race for Life with my friend, Kath, at Lydiard Park. I haven’t done much running since then as I have developed a painful foot which people tell me is something called ‘plantar fasciitis’. In fact I had the painful foot when I did the run, so I am doubly pleased that I managed the 5K in just over 30 minutes.


Mum in Italy

Late in June I went on holiday to Italy with mum. We stayed at a small town called Castelfranco Veneto and visited some of the historic cities and towns nearby, including Mantua and Vicenza. It was a very interesting trip.

During the summer holidays we decided to finally get down to some house updating and spent most of the 6 weeks redecorating out dining room and living room. Martin wanted a log burner so we had one installed and are now enjoying some cosy winter evenings.

Matthew and Martin have completed their sailing course and are now qualified to go out to sea in some quite nice boats. I accompanied them on a trip from Hamble to Lymington in July.

At Lymington – me and Matthew






I haven’t done so much painting this year, sadly, but I have had some success with my music as I won the epta (European Piano Teacher’s Association) composing competition with my piano piece ‘Vespe’ (which means Wasps). You can hear it on my youtube channel here.

I still play in the Big Brunch Band, mostly on trumpet this year, although I have changed back to saxophone just recently. In November I organised a charity gig in which the Brunch Band and several other bands played and we raised over £4000 for the children’s charity ‘Well Child’. It was great fun but a lot of responsibility.







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